Dr. Wilson was a Co-PI of an Environmental Health core (EHCORE) at a NIMHD-funded health disparities P20 Center of Excellence at the University of South Carolina led by Dr. Saundra Glover to study and address environmental justice issues and environmental health disparities in the state of South Carolina. As part of this project, the team used GIS to assess burden and exposure disparities in the state of South Carolina including assessing differences in the distribution and concentration of LULUs such as POTWs, Superfund sites, CAFOs, LUSTs, landfills, brownfields, and TRI facilities across changing geographies and sociodemographic composition; differences in distribution of and exposure to salutogenic and pathogenic infrastructure; and cancer risk disparities using the NATA dataset. In addition, the team used Photovoice and surveys to assess differences in knowledge about the local environment's role in driving poor health outcomes including cancer in Orangeburg and Charleston, South Carolina. Furthermore, the team used CBPR and the block assessment methodology to assess quality of the built and social environments at the block level in Orangeburg and North Charleston, SC through community-university partnerships.

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