Our mission

One of the key components in environmental justice is getting people to the table to speak for themselves.
— Dr. Robert Bullard, Father of the Environmental Justice Movement

The CEEJH Laboratory was founded by Dr. Sacoby Wilson, associate professor in the Maryland Institute for Applied Environmental Health, in the Fall 2011. CEEJH’s primary focus is to provide engagement to highly and differentially exposed populations and underserved communities. Our work has included the development of and participation in partnerships with community-based organizations, environmental advocacy groups, health practitioners, and policymakers (federal, state, and local government) to reduce local contamination, improve environmental quality, and enhance community health and sustainability.

CEEJH advances environmental justice by developing community-university partnerships, using the community-based participatory research (CBPR) approach, community-owned and managed research (COMR) principles, and the Collaborative-Problem Solving Model (CPSM) with a focus on equitable planning, healthy zoning, and sustainable community development. We train residents impacted by local unwanted land uses (LULUs); air, water, and soil pollution; and other environmental hazards to become citizen scientists using these community-based frameworks.

CEEJH has partnerships with community groups and advocates throughout the Mid-Atlantic, Southeast, Deep South, and Gulf Coast states. For more information our completed and ongoing projects, see Where We Work.