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"Nor Any Drop to Drink" Documentary Screening and Discussion Panel

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The documentary, Nor Any Drop to Drink: The Flint Water Crisis, focuses on the water crisis in Flint, Michigan. In 2014, in order to save money, the state switched Flint’s water supply to the heavily polluted Flint River as a cost saving measure. Almost immediately, residents complained of rashes and hair loss. Reports of Legionnaires disease, and elevated lead among children followed. As a result of the heroism and activism of Flint residents and others, belatedly, officials admitted that the water was contaminated. Both Michigan and the federal government declared a state of emergency. In 2016, we were inundated with images contaminated water, bags of hair, protests, and crowded water distribution sites. 

Today, Flint has largely dropped out of national headlines. However, the horrors faced by many residents still remain. Punctuated by the experiences of ordinary residents, Nor Any Drop to Drink sheds light on how failure of government and economic policy created the Flint water crisis. Nor Any Drop to Drink illuminates the full context of the Flint Water Crisis. Not only is the documentary comprehensive, it gives some insight regarding relatively recent developments in Flint.  The film shows why today in Flint, a city in the Great Lakes State, there is neither trust in governmental institutions…nor any drop to drink.

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