Vivek Ravichandran



Vivek Ravichandran received his Bachelor of Science in Public Health, along with a Global Poverty minor, from the University of Maryland in December 2018. He has since returned to work for the MIAEH department as a research assistant/coordinator. His work within the CEEJH lab revolved around air quality monitoring and analysis in Prince George's county, namely the towns of Langley Park, Adelphi, and Bladensburg, Maryland. His award-winning poster entitled: Assessment of Traffic-Related Air Pollution (TRAP) in Langley Park, Maryland addressed a particular case of environmental racism that communities of color currently endure in regards to adverse health outcomes of particulate matter and volatile organic compound exposure. He also aided in food scoring endeavors in Prince George's county to assess overall food infrastructure (i.e. the prevalence of food pathogens, food deserts, and food swamps) and spearheaded a health impact assessment of the Dominion Cove Liquefied Natural Gas Plant in Lusby, Maryland.

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