Roxana Amaya-Fuentes

Roxana Amaya-Fuentes, 2019 MPH candidate in the Environmental Health Science and Policy program at The George Washington University Milken Institute of Public Health, is a first-generation Salvadorian college graduate with experience working on mental health issues in Latinx community. Roxana graduated with a Bachelor of Science degree in Family Science from the University of Maryland-College Park School of Public Health and an Associate of Arts in Psychology from Prince George’s Community College. She became interested in environmental health while taking the Environmental and Occupational Health in a Sustainable World course in her second semester of graduate school. The course expanded her knowledge and awareness of an entirely different aspect of human health that she had not considered before. Realizing this to be a subject of her passion, Roxana decided to change the direction of her career.

In addition to being part of Dr. Wilson’s CEEJH team, Roxana collaborates with Dr. Melissa Perry’s laboratory at the Milken Institute of Public Health. Dr. Perry’s research focuses on reproductive epidemiology, chromosome abnormalities, and hormone disruptors affecting human sperm.

Roxana’s graduate thesis was a systematic literature review focused on occupational exposures to organophosphate pesticides and its effects on human sperm parameters under Dr. Perry’s supervision. Roxana’s current research interests include exposure to toxic chemicals, climate change, occupational health, and environmental health justice issues affecting communities of color.

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