What is CEEJH?


The Community Engagement, Environmental Justice, and Health (CEEJH) Laboratory at the University of Maryland School of Public Health was founded in 2011 by Dr. Sacoby Wilson, Associate Professor in the Maryland Institute for Applied Environmental Health. CEEJH’s primary focus is to provide engagement to highly and differentially exposed populations and underserved communities. Our work has included the development of and participation in partnerships with community-based organizations, environmental advocacy groups, health practitioners, and policymakers (federal, state, and local government) to reduce local contamination, improve environmental quality, and enhance community health and sustainability. [Learn more…]


Where We Work

The CEEJH Lab is based in College Park, Maryland with primary focus on projects in the DC-Maryland-Virginia region. We are also working with community partners throughout the Southeast, Deep South, and Gulf Coast. Zoom in on the map below to see which communities we engage with.


Get involved

After checking our CALENDAR for upcoming events, check out the following ways of joining the CEEJH:


17 for Peace and Justice

We work to inpower communities to build their capacity to address environmental justice and health issues through workshops, trainings, and peer networking. Follow the group on Facebook and Twitter to see upcoming events and activities.



Our Social Media


Job Openings

There are no paid positions in the CEEJH Lab at this time. University of Maryland students interested in joining the CEEJH Lab as credit-seeking interns may contact Dr. Sacoby Wilson at swilson2@umd.edu.